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Enter Chaos, Emerge Transcendent

Demetrius Ankarl Peptovich.  What can be said to truly enshrine the wholeness of a person with words?  Can it even be done? Should one even try?  Demitrius was delivered upon the world on August 8th, 1988.  It wouldn't be until 1993, when he won his first chess competition, that his lowly salt-of-the-earth Ukrainian parents would begin to see that their son was in a league of his own.

1995, NaUKMA.  Demetrius was given a scholarship to a doctorate program in physics after his elementary school noticed he was far outpacing his classmates, and called in a psychologist to perform an IQ test. For the next four years, he would finish his doctorate and, under a pseudonym, collaborate on 8 research papers.  Making friends came easy to him, however, easier a rival in the many chess championships he would participate in.

1998, MIT.  After working briefly with his professors, Demetrius found himself in the US, working at MIT as a researcher and an aide to the Department Chairman.  Having worked on and observed over a dozen projects, he grew and came into his own.  He never forgot to be a kid, now and then going on hikes and playing PlayStation games with friends he met on his little league baseball team.

2006, Los Angeles.  At 18, he wanted to strike out on his own, and figured a big city would be an exciting change of pace.  He moved in with is aunt until he found employment.  Not long after, He landed a research position at a biotech company, unaware that the job description will not quite reflect his duties.  With a steady job, he found an apartment in Van Nuys. 

2008, Beverly Grove. He couldn't take the soul crushing work of monotonous droning under oppressive, low IQ, middle managers and decided to bail on that gay shit. He landed a job at a high-end car dealership and snuggled up in a high-rise apartment, but became far more aware of his unmanageable loneliness.  After a run of "bad luck", he made a small discovery that made him a ladies' man.  This sparked his interest in Psychology as well as becoming a part time "date doctor".

2012, Palm Beach. Demetrius blossomed with his new work.  His passion was no longer being taken for granted, while excelling in training guys in relationship skills. He began with his nerd friends, and then opened up to clients.  His knack for selling expensive cars gave him the cash to move to palm beach. He started his path of transcendence.  He learned that being skilled with the ladies wasn't a source of long term happiness and started to "branch out", knowing that the skills used in that domain are highly valuable in every facet of life. He used his resources to make connections and form start-up businesses. 

2015, Mind Palace. In the spring of 2015, Demetrius began developing a program after a series of fever dreams that left him in terrified reverence.  He explained that the many bits and pieces of truth he has been compiling in his lifetime, the horde he called his memory, have started to come together in ways that seemed so effortlessly elegant while completely changing his perceptive on things that seemed opposite of true, at the time.  I met him on New Years Eve in a marina where his ship, The Felicity, was docked. I was down in the Slipway looking for my sandal.  He said, and I'll never forget this, "Hey, kid... wanna learn some magic?"

2018, Unknown.  I have been learning and chronicling his path and teachings until the night of November 22, 2017, when I received a message.  "I'm going back in. I found something. High Alert. Notify critical personnel only."  I have not heard from him since.  



Step into Chaos...

Emerge transcendent


Life has many doors.
— Elias