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Enter Chaos, Emerge Transcendent

Wewologetics is that which is of a paradigm emergent from an intellect truly transcended.  The critical flaw in humans is that, although all possess the abilities to expand their consciousness, finding the key to unlocking this immense power is a fool's errand.  Very often, people get caught up in a dreadfully meaningless life, being miserable, searching for answers where there are none.  

Let's put it this way...


Your life is a sad mess full of anguish and broken promises.  The punch clock neither slows nor accelerates the grinding misery of your lonely 9 to 5 life.  You can't stand to wake up in the morning, and yet you do.  It isn't your bland, bitter coffee you had auto-start but accidentally set it to 3 AM and is now burned.  It isn't that groaning starter barely turning over your frozen solid '02 Ford Taurus on the coldest night in January.  It's not the pittance you call a salary, for work that goes unappreciated.  Maybe it's that deep feeling in your guts that says, "there is no way it's supposed to be like this, how am I this jammed up?  How can I not overcome?"


Where do you want to be, sipping mojitos in a beach-side cabana?  Afterward, do you want to drive though the countryside in a Porsche 911 Carrera 4s, heading out to your secluded mansion hamlet? Then take a dip in the pool next to some hot babes?

Who do you want to be? A suave ladies man, that can hack the female brain with one simple trick? A clever internet based businessman that works from home, making thousands a week? It all can be done.


This is the hard part... Did you think to just look under the welcome mat for the key to the front door? Of course, you didn't, because you're to busy trying to find a way into that cracked window in the second floor, wasting your time learning ninja backflips.  Enlightenment is realizing the solution is self-evident when the problem is perspicaciously deconstructed.

So, what will it be? Are you ready?