A Transmission

From the desk of Nathan Whipple:

To my esteemed colleges, friends, those worried or otherwise unaware,

Early Monday morning, July 8th 2019, PEP has gone missing, whereabouts unknown. Our correspondence though his twitter account had ended with the sudden and surprising suspension of “@veinyfartboner”. In my usual demeanor, I contacted several of our high profile informants, and explained the situation to our team. I ordered a spin up of the Gravimetrograph along with necessary peripheral equipment. Since Twitter is owned and operated by entities hostile to our kind, we are not surprised. This followed shortly after a 7 day “banishment to the shadow realm”, as he has put it. His reemergence as “RANCHLORD PEP” was followed with increased levels of savagery on the “TL”, Time Line.

That evening, last night, our systems picked up signals from band frequencies [REDACTED], resulting in an image, and a cipher text message. Our assumptions were correct in believing these signals to be PEP communicating with us. This allowed us to hastily solve the encryption.

“^h^ey everyone. ^n^athan, ^m^eghan, ^t^elurvius. ^s^o, ^apparently^ it is not cash money to say that parenting starts ^before^ your daughter is sleeping with a teacher for a passing grade in a class. ^hoes mad^ %24%. ^n^athan will be continuing twitter dot com correspondence from here on out. since ^grid^s jacko doesnt want me classing up the place i have decided to #forego# revival and spit roast level f i v e. the sequencer is janky so hopefully this is intelligible. its literary shooing sparks. i hav to cut ths short bcz the posiwaveform harmoizr is strting to cook off it z 56h2ay*5#!@f t5 hyeh guys u da bess i prob sud fix this pis of shid …[END TRANSMISSION]

image received from signal

I, Nathan Whipple, will be creating an account for our organization to correspond with our international team. I am new to the platform and will try my best to spread Wewologetics while staying with in the conduct guidelines put forth by the terms of service as well as attempt to abide by the apparently numerous rules that are not written clearly anywhere. This tragic event will not hinder our progress. The silver lining here is PEP does not have to search over twenty thousand tweets to scrub anything incriminating, now. Actually, this probably worked out in his favor. He probably wont thank you, but I will.


Nathan Whipple

D’arnai Colosseum, ADMONERE TE