Alright, guys. so i have been looking at my follower count grow over the last few days and well.. at a cool 1100, i think that just isn’t high enough. I see these boomers getting tens of thousands of followers and they post the most boomercringe i have ever seen.

Enter operation PEPANON.

this is an individual operation in the joint effort of Marvbol. this is a detailed explanation of my efforts to get a higher number under “followers” with some gay-ops. I’m usually not the type of wizard to have much of a plan since my strategies are to primarily rely on tactics and my insanely high IQ. This has major drawbacks but it has an extreme advantage of being unpredictable since I’m not even entirely sure what I will do.

For context. Q is some sort of “Washington Insider” that posts cryptic shit onto an Anonymous Image board, famous for hentai and tricking normies into thinking cringe memes are funny and cool.

This QAnon makes “predictions” and other messages that there is a grand plan behind the scenes, while leaving bread crumbs to people to discover the truth. There are many people who believe Q to be the real deal, while many others who think its a psyop. There is speculation and evidence for both of these positions. I’m not all that concerned about Q. It could be real, or not. Whatever.

What I care about is getting followers on Twitter and so PEPANON.

What is it?

Phase 1: PEPANON is an operation where I rebrand my Twitter Page for a while to a generic Q MagaBoomer. I will indiscriminately repost people’s content without mercy. I will Retweet and Follow as many of these types of accounts as I can.

Phase 2: I will begin releaseing my own QAnon posts. they will be fantastic. Below is a small example.

As you can see here: We have a new and Improved version of Q. It is VERY Baste and Readpillow.

Phase 3: Transitioning back to my Regular Twitter Format, now, with hopefully many more normie subs so I am not blueballed by Twitter’s AI.

I think over a month, if I’m not successful, I’ll just call it quits. However, if by then if my followers are still rising, I will just press on until i get bored and move on to phase 3.

Sometimes a mans gotta get that bag, even if it is in the form of a gay op.
— Demitrius Peptovich

That’s all for now, folks. See you on Twitter.


April 30, 2019


Phew… okay, well, this has gotten quite overwhelming. In about Two days I have increased to 1,661 followers. It is completely unmanageable, my Twitter phone app keeps crashing (its so awful) and my Timeline is complete diarrhea. I’m starting to transition into a standard Qanon type character. I have learned a few things about the “MAGA Follow Train Community” as they call themselves, I guess.

It’s serious business

They do these things called “Follow Trains” and apparently everyone makes their own. So, I figured, “Why would I manually make one of these, I’ll just borrow a few lists…” Nope. Wrong move. Several people reached out to me over this issue. I’ll cover two. The first was this guy who was LARPing as Ragnar from The History Channel show, “Vikings”. This is, of course, fine with me. Most people do not use their actual name and face if they are not a blue check. I would advise people to definitely NOT do that, unless its for something professional. Well, this strapping 9th century Anglo-Saxon Lad got upset with me that I just copypasta’d their goofy follow lists. I was accused of “Plagiarism”, which gave me a chuckle, because isn’t using the likeness of a character a gray area in itself? Anyway… Lothar here threw his 25K e-peen at me tells me to delete them… or else. I absolutely did, because hes a 9th century viking, soaked in the blood of his enemies. I’m just a retarded frogboi with a wizard cap.

Person two DM’ed (Direct Messaged) me and was much cooler about the clear Faux Pas. I’m LARPing as a “MAGAchick” so I had to stay in character.

Didn’t know these MAGA people were such snowflakes.. tee-hee. I sure triggered them. It seems like my friend here had sucessfully “calmed down” Rags, as if I was talking to his girlfriend at a bar or something. LOL. Who knows… I only have 500 or so of these goobers flooding my TL, i can only Imagine how stressful it would be to tediously follow 25 thousand accounts while LARPing as a badass viking. It must take a toll. I’m not mad at all, Twitter is kind of garbage anyhow. Snort. My mango is to hang with my boys and dunk on liberals, not RT a million Follow Back threads with Facebook level memes tacked on the end.

I’m going accelerate the plans, transitioning to the next phase. Meghan is going to be meeting some cozy new friends, with some world rocking information. Hopefully, I don’t piss people off too much, some where kind to me. I’ll fire off another update when there’s something to say… right?

‘til then,


June 3, 2019


Okay so I’m back from the Astral Plane. This op seemed to work to get me more followers. I think I’m still being search blocked, but that’s okay. I don’t care about that.

My Timeline is insane. Everything is now Trump Follow Trains. I’m going to have to mute them all. At any rate…

I’m switching gears to work on Final Flight 8, a feature length shitpost. it will be pretty fun.

Stay tuned,