The Onion Man

Since last month, I have been working on a graphic novel with my intensely impressive artistic skill.  I'm drafting panels currently.  

"So what?  Comic books are gay, dude."

No. it's a Graphic Novel. Big difference.  For people who care what I think about movies, I have long enjoyed Horror films.  There is proof of this in a year book from probably 4th grade.  We were asked what our favorite genre of movie is, well among the top-down list of "Comedy" normies, I stood alone with "Horror".  My mom's reaction was typical surprise... She couldn't understand, nobody understands. Lol.  

This is a total meme, but my favorites are slasher films.  The lone madman, creeping around... unstoppable and unrelenting.  Micheal Myers, for example.  I also enjoy monster movies (Halloween, et. al. are arguably "Monster" Movies) like 28 Days later.  Zombies, Vampires, your standard crew. 

"So you're making your own slasher movie, minus the movie?"

Sure. Yeah. I don't have the time or resources to make a film. I do, however, have the time and resources to pull out my pen, highlighter and printer paper.  The Onion Man Cometh.

From Left to Right are teaser photos. (pinned tweet as of today)  As you can see.. I have impressive artistic skill, but don't let that distract you.  TBH, I think its alright and it didn't take me too long to produce these.  What is WAY more tedious are the panel after panel of trying to draw the same thing twice.

"What's with the Onions? That's oddly random."

Not really.  Onions are gross. Imagine an XXXTRA RIPE onion.. Slicing into it.. the acidic vapors assaulting your senses.. the burning.  Imagine having that smell on your body, and also being really humid. Like a stinky room full of onions and some goblin neckbeard in the back.. this vile, onion smellin' goblin white knighting some Twitch "Gamer Girl".  That'll be a no from me, dawg.

So The Onion Man tends to his magical onion patch, and he's a badass that isn't afraid of anything.  What I see a lot these days with horror is there is way to much exposition and not enough action.  It's as if they invented this "monster" and want to tell you all about it, like some sperg.  No one cares that much, and if you do a lore dump on me... especially all at once, you are just going to piss me off.  You should offload lore as necessary to the plot.  The fact that your creature is mysterious is PART REASON why it's "scary".  So, The Onion Man is simple.  We're not wasting time on meaningless lore.  There is a set up, and a payoff. That's it. That is how it should be. 

"Where are you at in this? I'd read it."

As of today, I'm on the "pay off" end of the panel rough drafts. I will be drawing this with A BLACK BIC CLIC STIC and AN ORANGE FLUORESCENT BIC BRITE LINER as shown in the pictures above. The Clic Stic is the best pen there is, feel free to send me hate tweets, IDGAF. As a result, i need to plan it out so I don't waste time.  It shouldn't be too long, even considering the other things i have going on. I have to have many projects in my life.  For two reasons: I thrive on Chaos and I get tired of things quickly and need to switch it up. This keeps me fresh and n o t c r a z y, but at the expense of taking forever to do anything.  I'm literally on twitter every day, basically all day @veinyfartboner, so follow for updates and bantz.  Plz don't be mad, tho.. All speech is free speech.

(EDIT: Drawing with Pen would have been immensely difficult to pull off and not look like complete ass. so its in pencil. ill doctor them up a bit in Photoshop when i get a chance. lol)

I'll probably talk more on the horror genre in the future.  I gotta go work my pleb daily split-shift.