Onion Man: Update

I finished the pencil and printer paper release of The Onion Man, and its on my pinned tweet as of now 11-1-18 (uploaded on HaLlOwEeN OoOoohh SpoOokEeyy)

Its pretty potato quality, but they are pictures of the pages. I’ll be scanning them into the computer and making a PDF.. probably doing a little touching up on Photoshop and releasing it on my “Products” tab.. it’ll be a free download. There will be a for shekel version but that will have some extra stuff that you might find interesting, or ghey.. IDK. it’ll be the cost of 2 cheesy bean and rice burritos at Taco Bell, so its not a big deal.

that just comes to my philosophy on “for Shekel” products. I will usually have the free version, but i believe in the added value of “bonus features” and higher quality and exclusive stuff. I don’t believe in begging for schekels and if you give me any, you will always get something out of it..

At any rate, other versions will be happening as i fit it into my other projects, like my avian revisionist fan fiction that is about halfway done. that will be made into an audiobook and put on Youtube, narrated by yours truly. My channel is www.youtube.com/c/dankpepto. You will find spectacular videos on this choice channel.

well, I’m going to goof off for an hour before work, brothers. #Hulkamania